He is Healer!

“Go to the lost sheep of Israel {LAS VEGAS}.
As you go, proclaim this message:
‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’
Heal the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.
Freely you have received; freely give.
Matthew 10:5-8

       Heal the sick. Someone once pointed out to me that Jesus didn’t say to pray for the sick. He said to go and heal them. Aka… He knew we’d be able to because of Holy Spirit in us!

The Lord has really been challenging me with this and it is still something that I’m growing in my knowledge of but I do know this- He is Jehovah Rophe; the God Who Heals.

This past Saturday, June 11th, Grace City had it’s very first block party of the summer! (We through a free party that has food, games, face painting, free prayer and the gospel is shared every hour.) We had this first one at Molasky Park, a park in a more impoverished area of town. Many of the staff members and interns are assigned specific jobs such as running a game or giving out food, while others are assigned to be minglers. As a mingler, your job is simply to make friends, like Jesus did; get to know people and love them where they are.

Right as the block party was beginning I walked over to speak to a IMG_2637woman, Elaine, who is a frequent attendee of our Flamingo Campus, to say hello. One of my friends, Ryan, was speaking with her when I went over and he asked her if we could pray for her for anything. She then told us that she had severe back pain and pain in her left knee. She explained that since her son is in a wheel chair the pain makes it harder for her to lift him out of it.

So my friend and I laid hands on her back and her knee and prayed. She told us that the pain had totally left her back, after we prayed the first time! We were astonished! She then told us that the pain went down in her knee, so we decided to pray again! We prayed again, and the pain decreased again! So we prayed a third time! While praying, we felt the muscles and tendons around her knee begin to move around! It was insane and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been feeling it! Then she began to exclaim that it felt even better than the other one!! Her knee was completely healed! 

She told us that it had been hurting since 1998 and she had had two operations on it since then and now- it was perfectly restored! She began running and dancing and praising the Lord, as did we!

This is a video we felt lead to take moments after Elaine was healed! This is what Jesus does!

COME ON! Can I get a, “YAY, GOD!!”? He’s so incredible!

Right after this, we found out one of our interns twisted his knee and was in a ton of pain! So Ryan and I had Elaine come with us and we all prayed for his knee as well! He told us his pain level was around 10 and after prayer for about ten minutes it was at a 0! Praise the Lord!

I don’t fully understand healing! I don’t understand why we don’t always see it right away! I don’t understand why sometimes we pray for a minute and sometimes we have to pray for hours to see anything happen. I don’t understand why some people don’t see healing the way we believe they should.

BUT, the Lord has taught me not to shape my theology around my experience.  (And let me just say… that is SO HARD. But there is so much grace.)

So, friends, I ask that you will pray that this will only be the beginning; that we will see healing, deliverance, and salvation wash over Las Vegas! Pray for revival! He can do it!

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