What A Time To Be Alive!

time to be alive

If you’ve spent any time around me in the past few months, you’ve heard me say the above quote. Often people chuckle when I say it thinking that there is a hint of sarcasm in it and sometimes there can be… for example, when referring to the upcoming presidential election one could look at both candidates- both a little loopy in their own way and say, “Boy.. what a time to be alive..” (no worries, thats all I have to say about politics!!)

But I want to elaborate on this special little phrase in a more honest and serious way.

For a long time, I was mesmerized by other time periods; the Victorian era, the Roaring 20’s, the Renaissance, etc. I would dream of what it would have been like to have been alive in those times.

At the heart of this type of dreaming there is an underlying message we are relaying to the Lord, “I’m unsatisfied with the life you’ve given me. I could have had something more wonderful, but you gave me this.” 

I know that may be extreme, but it’s true. When I would sit and dream of the Victorian era, I dreamed of being royalty- of having an arranged marriage with a prince, becoming a queen and being powerful and prominent. (Now, don’t get me wrong, dreaming of those times once and a while can be delightful because, yes, they absolutely had different charms than 2016 seems to have!)

One of my absolute favorite movies, Midnight In Paris, addressesmidnight_paris2 this issue in a way that really hit me. The main character finds himself in modern day Paris one moment, and back in the 20’s the next! He meets some of the greatest painters and writers of all time and even begins to fall in love with a woman there. Later in the story, he and this woman find themselves back in the 1800’s and she expresses the desire to stay there instead of return to the 20’s. It is then that he realizes that his “golden era” was her “normal” and that no one is ever content with what they have.

So, all that said, what does “what a time to be alive!” mean? Why has it become a common phrase in my day to day life?

Because High King of Heaven, Author of Time, Maker of All, looked in to time and space and said with a heart full of joy and excitement, “YES! I’m going to put her here right at this time!”  There is nothing random about it. The Father heart of God was exploding with excitement when He wrote your story.

He could have placed us in the Victorian Era or in the Renaissance or in the future- but He didn’t! He saw every single possibility for our lives and placed us right here, right now.

And honestly!? What a time to be alive!! We are living through such historic moments! People will look back on this time and dream of what it was like to live through it all! We saw the first African American president get elected! (Agree with his politics or not, that’s huge!). Technology is developing faster than ever! (Don’t even get me started on the fact that there’s a new Star Wars Trilogy!) More people are fighting against human trafficking than ever before. We’re seeing signs and wonders move through the world as they did in the early church

And truly, I believe that we are going to be able to say that we saw the Lord usher in the greatest revival of all time. We will be able to tell our children stories about the beginning of revival- the revival that they will reap the fruit of. We will be able to stand and say we say the world turn from chaos and turmoil and run straight to the Father.

What. A. Time. To. Be. ALIVE! 

Your destiny is in the here and now. So take heart! Your story was well planned out by a Father who would do anything for your good and His glory. He positioned you here and now for a grand reason. Let us look to Him with expectancy- let us LIVE with expectancy that we have been called and placed here and now for a glorious purpose.


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