100 Days as a Missionary ✓

Today marks 100 days of living as a missionary in the city of Las Vegas

This has been the shortest and longest 100 days of my life.
It’s been the happiest and the hardest.
It’s been full of more laughter and more tears than most others.
It’s been more fun and more exhausting.
I’ve never been more romanced by Jesus, but I’ve also never been more desperate for Him.

So many people have said things like, “wow it looks like you’re having a blast out there.” to me and yes, this has absolutely been the most fun I’ve ever had- but like I said, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why?

Because it isn’t called Sin City just because of the casinos. I work at our outreach center where I sit with women and listen to their stories and see how I can help them. It’s been insane to hear so many of them tell me how everything in their lives was fine until they moved to Vegas and everything went down hill from there. This city beats people up. The forces of darkness crush people here.

People end up on the streets so easily here; there they are beat up, surrounded by drugs, threatened by gangs, and convinced to sell their bodies.

One woman was telling me that she was pregnant- right as I was about to congratulate her, she told me that the twins she’s carrying are a product of rape. But she smiled and told me that she knows that this is evidence that good can come from evil. She said that she only has love for her babies and that she isn’t angry at the man who did this to her at all. She said that she knows that you can’t be happy with un-forgiveness in your heart.

Another woman told me that she and her boyfriend were newly homeless and were trying to keep a positive attitude. “Yesterday was a pretty good day! We went for a walk and it wasn’t too hot! Besides being robbed at gun point it was a pretty good day!” …I’m sorry, what!?

Many others cry because they never thought they’d come so low. They never thought they’d be here. Their kids have been put into the foster system, they’re on the streets, they don’t have money for and ID so they can’t get a job.

After they share their story, I ask if I can pray with them, share with them what the Lord is speaking over them in that moment and in the Word, then take them in to get food and clothing.

The only way to leave those conversations without being crushed by them is knowing, truly, who Jesus is. I’ve had to cling to His nature like I never have before. I’ve had to hold so tightly to all that the Word says and all that I’ve seen in my life.

Being here, in the mud with people, has taught me so many things, but more than anything I’ve learned this:

Jesus truly is near to the brokenhearted and He is who He says He is.

Our King is one who gets in the mud with us. He doesn’t run from our mess.

He is kind.
He is faithful to us- constantly by our side.
He loves us without any conditions.

Jesus is so much greater than I’ve ever known before.

I hope after 1,000 days of being a missionary, I can look at this post and be in awe of how much more I know Him then. There is always more of Him and all His benefits!

All glory be to Christ!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me in prayer and finance. I couldn’t do this without you!

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