Don’t Miss the Moment

I currently live 2,226 miles away from my parents and my childhood home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life in Vegas and I know I’m right smack dab in the center of God’s will for my life… but I’ve learned something very valuable about the little time I get to spend with my family-

Don’t. Miss. The. Moment.

My parents and brother came to Vegas for Christmas this year and it was honestly the best Christmas ever. My brother played in the band with me for Christmas Eve and I looked out into the congregation to see my parents arms around each other and their candles illuminating their faces as I lead silent night… it was like a dream.

We spent the rest of our time together- together! Not always doing something elaborate or fancy but just enjoying each other. We typically ended our days in a family cuddle puddle on the couch watching a movie together! One night, my mom suggested the movie, “While You Were Sleeping” and for whatever reason, I protested. I hadn’t seen it and just didn’t want to watch an unfamiliar movie. My mom requested it a few more times while she was visiting and each time I had a reason to not watch it. (I’m still really not sure why I did that.) It honestly wasn’t a big deal and we ended up watching other classics that we loved and we moved on from it!

Before I knew it, I was driving my parents to the airport, hugging them goodbye three or four times, saying tearful, “I love you”s, and driving away with an empty car. I’m convinced that saying goodbye to family never gets, easier.

Days later, I found myself scrolling through Netflix dying to find something fun to watch. Nothing. So I gave in and watched, “While You Were Sleeping.” I laughed my head off! My mom was so right- I loved it!

I called my mom that night and cried as I apologized. We could have really enjoyed that movie together. It would have blessed her heart to watch it with me and it would have been even more enjoyable than me watching it alone! My mom has the most infectious laugh and I could have heard it the entire movie!

But I missed the moment.

So… What’s the big deal? It’s just a silly 90’s love story and my mom wasn’t mad at me over it!

The other morning, I woke up, said my good morning to the Lord, grabbed the devotional that I’m working through, and then scrolled through Instagram and Facebook. I had more than enough time to do so and still read through my devo for the day!

But I heard the kind voice of the Father nudge me and say,

“Lia, don’t miss this moment!”

There was an invitation to sit with the Father in the stillness of the morning- before work began, before problems needed solved or fires needed put out… there was an invitation to enjoy just being with Him. Is it sin to scroll through social media? Heck no! Would it have been a sin to have been eating breakfast at that point or working out? No!

But am I filling my life up and missing moments with my Father?

Of course He’s ALWAYS present and active… but am I missing the sweet little moments where I could bless His heart and soak in His laughter and presence?

He’s teaching me something so important in this season:

Don’t trade sitting at His feet for working for Him.

Don’t trade the sweetness of His presence for mere head knowledge and facts about Him.

And don’t trade looking into His eyes and blessing His heart for always seeking a move of His hand.

Don’t miss the moment. ❤️

{{ Endless Alleluia }}

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