Mission Support Letter


In May, I hit my 3 year anniversary of being a missionary in Las Vegas. My love for this city has been much like a relationship- when I first moved here I was giddy and giggly in love with this crazy town but now I have a deeper and truer love and passion for this place. Seeing the strip from certain vantage points still fills my heart to overflowing with excitement but now its because I’m starting to see what revival in the place will look like; unity amongst the churches and healing and salvation for the lost. He is making every wrong thing right. God is truly on the move here. In October, I became the Worship Director of Grace City! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen when I moved here. It has been filled with new challenges but the blessings far outweigh them all.  

One way I’ve seen His kingdom advancing is through the launching of Burn24/7 Las Vegas. Burn24/7 is a global movement of nonstop prayer and worship. There are ‘furnaces’ all over the world; places where people have devoted themselves to seeing the kingdom invade their cities as worship is lifted up. In January, we launched the Las Vegas Furnace!!! I have the honor of being the director of it and it has been such an amazing thing to watch worshipers from over 9 churches and 4 languages come together monthly to worship Jesus and lift Him high over Las Vegas.

I live in Las Vegas as a missionary which means I have an amazing team of prayer and financial supporters. One way you can partner with what God is doing in Las Vegas is by joining this team! Your financial support makes it possible for me to stay in Las Vegas and serve the Lord here. Click here to become a monthly supporter.

Onward and Upward,


3 Replies to “Mission Support Letter”

  1. Lia this journey will be filled with many amazing moments with Jesus I know he is going to touch the hearts of so many through your life,talent, joy and love you are bringing with you to Vegas I pray that people will see your passion and partner with you on this journey to see what only God can do in a city that is deemed sin city as our savior transforms it with his love and forgiveness to a city flowing with grace, his spirit, and love.

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